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About Us

This brand is about bridging the gap between two of the biggest cultures in the world, Hip Hop culture and Nerd culture.

We take joy in connecting people all over the world by what we love collectively, no matter what your background.

We started in 2019, as a shoutout page on social media. Highlighting some of the dopest people within both the nerd and hip hop culture.

That is why we started this line of headgear, that we call the Shoutout Line.

It’s our Nerdz and Hip Hop hats with colors that match the likeness of some beloved rappers, anime characters, and superheroes.

No matter if you wanna add a hat to your cosplay, or rep your favorite anime character with a hip hop since of style, even just rep the two cultures you love most.

You know when you wear a sports hat and people just start talking to you about the game the night before, Well we want the same thing to happen except the conversation will lead with Nerd and Hip Hop topics and we hope that talk leads to a new friend who shares your interest.

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